Shool is the American branded version of Sjoel(Dutch Shuffleboard). American Sjoel, LLC has designed the Shool board and is partnering with CTS Wood Design for production. Shool boards are American made and custom built with superior craftsmanship. These boards are designed not only as a game but also a piece of quality furniture that enhances any environment in which it is placed.

In addition to Shool; American Sjoel, LLC is developing the American Shool Association (ASA). The purpose of the ASA is to promote the game of Shool in the US and to be the ruling organization of the America’s Cup of Shool. The ASA intends to send a U.S.-sponsored team to the World Cup of Sjoel event in Europe in 2017. All ASA sponsored events will require use of regulation Shool brand boards to ensure all ASA requirements are met.




The game has long been popular in Holland and Belgium and has gained popularity in Germany where it is commonly known as Jakkolo after Jakko Schmidt, who first made the game famous in that country.

Hand-crafted Sjoelbak boards are often handed down from generation to generation and family social events will often culminate in a hard-fought game. Sjoelbak is only occasionally seen in the USA and in Britain, often at pubs or bars. The World Championships are held every two years, with the most recent event in the Czech Republic (15-16 May, 2015), and the next event planned for France (2017).



Each Shool board is coated with a satin sheen conversion varnish requiring minimal upkeep. Simply keep the board dry and out of direct sunlight. To clean the deck, simply wipe down with a damp cloth, then dry with a dry cloth. If desired, apply a thin coat of 100% Silicone spray (from Home Depot) and buff out with a dry, 100% cotton rag. Store your board inside in an upright position or flat. The boards fit conveniently under a bed, in a closet or behind a door. The boards can be used outdoors, but we do not recommend outdoor storage as sun, humidity and heat may affect the wood.




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