CTS Wood Design uses old World and modern World techniques to make the Shool boards. They hand pick and shop for the best materials available. Each board is handled with care and fine tuned for fit and sizing from start to finish.

As the lumber and plywood decking is hand picked and cut to size the CNC automated router is loaded with the software program. The software is written for the cutting of each piece of the frame work and also the pucks. The CNC router cuts every frame piece to the exact size and shape so the consistency of each board is accurate for both fun and competitive play.

The goal is to use domestic materials only but our beech wood for the pucks comes from Europe and this is done to keep the standard of the pucks the same. Baltic birch plywood in ¾ inch is used for the economy boards to keep the material price down. This plywood is one of the best made in the World and has a great architectural look to the exposed edges.

The finish on the decks and frames is a two part conversion lacquer in a satin finish. This product is very durable and extremely mar resistant. It can handle spills of chemicals, alcohol and wipe downs for years. It works well with a silicone spray that is used to prepare the surface for the right amount of glide.

The design in packaging the boards and boxing them has acquired hours of thought and engineering. The box size has been designed to provide the strength and protection needed and allow the lowest price possible for shipping an oversized box via ground.

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